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Hyundai Santro 2019

Hyundai Santro 2019

Now a days, the cars have some much more features than expectations. Manufactures are looking around to make sure that all their models are always thrilling. And Hyundai know it very well and this time they have launched their new model Hyundai Santro cross 2019 in Pakistan and here we will provide all  detail about this new Hyundai Santro 2019  like its price in Pakistan, its features, specification, booking details, launch date, pictures and much more.

Hyundai Santro 2019 Launch Date in Pakistan

Hyundai Santro 2019 will be available for sale in all showrooms in early days of 2019 in Pakistan. The car has very cool version of the favorite Pakistani family car to have.

Hyundai Santro 2019

Hyundai Santro 2019 Price In Pakistan

The Hyundai Santro car price in Pakistan starts from 16.9 lac PKR and goes up to 20 Lac. So we can see that the Hyundai Santro Cross 2019 is not much expensive in its price. It is generally available in two variants one is Magna and second is Sportz variant. The Asta variant is not available in Pakistan for sale. The car also gets a AMT version too but sadly there is no CNG option in Hyundai Santro 2019.

Hyundai Santro Cross 2019 Design

The cross model means a lot of body covering and an increase in ground clearance. Hyundai has also introduced alloy wheels on the 2019 Hyundai Santro Cross. These alloy wheels can easily be seen on the regular car. There is a twin tone quality to the car. The body covering of Hyundai Santro Cross 2019 is also available in different kinds of shades. There is also a new grille to make a distinction to the car.

Interior of Hyundai Santro Cross 2019

The increase in ground clearance is very beneficial to the driver and the brightness. The tallboy has designed with the help of the ground clearance and it has made the car easier to enter and exist. The 2019 Hyundai Santro Cross has also got some more accessories too. Apart from this, material, seats and the infotainment system has remain the same.

Hyundai Santro Cross 2019 Specification

Apart from the increase in ground clearance, nothing has been changed. The same 1.1-litre petrol engine is doing its duty. The five speed manual and AMT is also present here. The car is a bit better in its suspension feel and more happier to face bad roads and harsher environments than the regular Santro. This time company also increased the storage space as well.

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